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Our Settings:
Where Little Dreams
Begin to Flourish

At PlayPals Childcare LTD, we are proud to offer a range of nurturing settings designed to inspire and support your child's growth. Each setting is a hub of exploration, learning, and fun, fostering an environment where children's dreams and potential come to life.

Atherton Road: Where Imagination Soars

Welcome to the Atherton Road setting, a place where creativity takes flight. Here, children are encouraged to express themselves, explore their interests, and build lasting friendships. Our passionate staff is committed to providing a stimulating and caring environment that inspires young minds.

Hindley Green:
A World of Wonder

Step into our Hindley Green setting, where curiosity knows no bounds. With a team of dedicated educators, your child will embark on a journey of discovery. Our focus on interactive learning and individualized attention ensures that each child's unique talents are nurtured.


St John's Abram:
Building Bright Futures

Our St John's Abram setting is a haven of learning and growth. Through engaging activities and personalized support, we empower children to develop essential skills and confidence. Our experienced team is dedicated to guiding each child on their journey towards success.

St Peter's: Nurturing Hearts and Minds

Our Wrap Around provision supports the children in our care to Play, Learn and Thrive. With visits within the local community and experiences for children of all ages to enjoy, we look forward to welcoming you to St Peter's

Free Childcare Places Available

15 & 30 Hours

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