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St Peter's C. of E.

Welcome to our exceptional Out of School Club, where quality care meets endless opportunities for growth. We understand the unique needs of children before and after school, and our dedicated staff are here to create a nurturing environment that fosters development.

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Our Sessions


Where Care Meets Enrichment

At St. Peters Childcare Services, our ethos revolves around the powerful intersection of care and enrichment. We believe that providing exceptional care is not just about safety—it's about nurturing young minds with opportunities that spark growth and curiosity.

Engaging Activities for

Holistic Development

At our Out of School Club, every moment is a chance for growth. Our skilled staff meticulously plan activities that align with children's care and development needs. From creative crafts to exciting games, each activity is designed to be engaging and fun, providing a holistic approach to learning.

Happy Kids Huddle
Backyard entertainment
Art Fun
Kid's Art Supplies
School Kids
Sorry Board Game
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